Creatiq’s founder Peter Venero has always viewed the world differently from his contemporaries. A visionary by nature, he sees the fiercely competitive way humans do business and knows we can do better. Instead of looking at peers as competition, Peter believes that by fostering harmonious cooperative relationships within the business community we can progress together, rather than at each others’ expense.

His vision is to forge a new frontier in the business world that benefits everyone and where business prosperity is a natural result of cooperation. It’s a frontier where the business community can channel its combined skills and efforts into bettering our local communities, providing all the elements for abundance and prosperity. Creatiq is ready to lead this change by leveraging our unique and effective digital marketing solutions to empower like-minded change-makers.


Starting at the grassroots being social-entrepreneurs and Small to Medium-sized Businesses, Creatiq seeks to empower those who are working to contribute positively to the planet and its inhabitants, as well as activating aspiring social-entrepreneurs who are wanting to make the leap from traditional corporate life to working for themselves while aligned with their true life purpose and passion.

Creatiq applies its specialist knowledge and expertise for digital marketing and lead-generation by empowering purpose-driven businesses who wish to work together to make a meaningful impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

Problem – The sustainability of our planet and its inhabitants are under extreme threat as a direct consequence of current models of competition. Meanwhile, the global business community remains reactive, even resistant, to many alternatives to combative marketplace culture.

Market – The global economy is drying up due to a lack of liquidity, largely the result of multinationals failing to reinvest their fair share of taxation back into the system and whales storing liquidity in offshore accounts instead of repatriating funds back into the economies of their country. Small businesses, which are the cornerstone to a thriving economy, are struggling to survive as funds which historically provided the resources for public services and job-creation (through spending) are not circulating like they used to. Creatiq intends on working with the conscious business community, from those aspiring social-entrepreneurs to small and medium-sized businesses, to foster harmonious cooperative relationships that generate true prosperity for businesses and our local communities.

Simultaneously, Creatiq has a soft focus on operators within the cannabis industry due to their positive disruption of the pharmaceutical and farming industries and their growing influence in the global economy. According to Business Insider, in California alone, annual cannabis sales are estimated to have nearly doubled by the end of 2018. Marijuana Markets are projected to reach $23.4 Billion by 2022, employing an estimated half a million Americans.

Competition is a fear-based tactic of the old business world which limits sustainable growth and stifles the development of our society. Common healthy competition can generate ideas and new solutions, but it comes at a cost to the environment and the mental health of business operators and their staff mainly because the true benefits end up in the hands of the few at the top. By promoting and nurturing strategic alliances and sharing resources among our client base, Creatiq intends to foster a new frontier of conscious businesses who can enjoy true prosperity and fulfilling business outcomes.

Creatiq drives business owners to focus on what inspires them. We nurture strategic alliances and the exchange of resources among our client base so that they can all leverage each other to reach their own goals. We support clients through our specialist knowledge and expertise for digital marketing and lead-generation in order to get their businesses seen and expanding. Through our combined skills and efforts, we intend on growing our conscious business partners together while bettering our local communities.


“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do.” - Steve Jobs